BWC 415-52907-02
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BWC ICON Natural Gas Valve 415-52907-02


For Bradford White Models:

  • M2XR504T
  • M430T
  • M4403S
  • M440T
  • M4503
  • M460T
  • M2XR65T

Fits all except GX, U1, U2, U4, MIMH, MIMS

BRADFORD Icon Parts. This selection of water heater accessories allows you to get more hot water for your money, higher efficiency, greater energy savings, leak protection and full 7-day programmability.

NOTE: Bradford White ICON System™ Accessory Packages are meant to complement the water heating system and do not replace existing National/State/Local code(s) and/or manufacturer’s installation instructions. In the event that a water heater needs to be replaced, all components are re-usable and can be removed and installed on a new water heater.

  • Item #: 415-52907-02

BWC ICON Natural Gas Valve 415-52907-02

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