BWC 265-51046-00
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Bradford White 240V Upper & Lower Thermostats 265-51046-00

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The 89T thermostat, shipped until April 10, 2015 will be phased out and be replaced by 59T66T thermostats. In order to replace the older thermostat using the new service kits, the contractor will be required to change out the thermostat bracket in some instances. The complete installation instructions for both thermostat replacement and bracket replacement are included with the 265-51046-00 package.

Combination Pack - Two Thermostats Sold as a Pair

Replaces 265-46279-00, 265-40695-00 and 265-48641-00

For most Bradford White residential two element models and some light duty commerical models including:

  • M230R
  • M240S
  • M240T
  • M250S
  • M250T
  • M265R
  • M280R
  • M180R
  • M2120R
  • M120L
  • M130L
  • M230L
  • M140L
  • M240L
  • M150L
  • M250L
  • M2HE40S
  • M2HE65R
  • M2HE80R
  • DB80R

Bradford White Parts List

  • Item #: BWC 265-51046-00

Bradford White 240V Upper & Lower Thermostats 265-51046-00

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