BWC 265-48642-00
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Bradford White 4500W 240V Element Twin Pack 265-48642-00

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For Most Bradford White Water Heaters (Not Utility Models)



Non-incoloy element coils are copper on the inside with a nickel plating on the outside. The threaded bases on all of these elements are made of zinc-plated carbon steel.

Incoloy is a type of extra high-grade stainless steel that helps extend the life of the element, resists burnout and the effects of lime over time. For these Duralife elements, incoloy pertains to the element coil, not the threaded base of the elements. Order the premium 240V 4500 watt incoloy element for most water heaters here. The 265-42545-07 incoloy elements are sold individually.

For most Bradford White Residential and Light Duty Commercial Models including:

  • LD30R
  • LD40S
  • LD40T
  • LD50S
  • LD50T
  • LD65R
  • LD80R
  • LD120R
  • LD20L
  • LD30L
  • LD40L
  • LD50L
  • M230R
  • M240S
  • M240T
  • M250S
  • M260T
  • M265R
  • M280R
  • M180R
  • M2120R
  • M120L
  • M130L
  • M230L
  • M140L
  • M240L
  • M150L
  • M250L
  • M2HE40S
  • M2HE65R
  • M2HE80R
  • DB80R

Electric water heaters use the heating element to heat the water inside the tank. Electricity passes through the thermostat and then the element, with the heat generated by the electricity heating the water. The water heater element is the most common item on a water heater to fail.  You can choose the right water heater element by finding the information from the one you are replacing.

Read more: How to Choose the Right Hot Water Heater Element |

  • Item #: BWC 265-48642-00

Bradford White 4500W 240V Element Twin Pack 265-48642-00

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